The Allure and Charm of Bracelets

The tribal community in India has been a significant part of the country. They are known for their unique style in fashion and lifestyle. One of the most iconic things about accessories is the bracelet which has been trending for quite a while. The tribes across the nation have made bracelets which look very antique […]

The Geometric Tribal Design of Shoulder Bags

The shoulder bags have been famous lately due to the beautiful colors and patterns used in it. The tribal people have certain flair in their hands which results in unique pieces of art we see around us. The beautiful geometric designs that are visible in vibrant colors attract attention and give a symmetric touch to […]

The Trendy Necklaces For the Fashionable

The tribal people across India have been known to create jewelry include earrings and necklaces. It has been in trend before the dawn of urbanization. The necklace holds a special place in the heart of tribal people symbolizing their traditions and culture. The materials used vary from grass to wood and cut mirror pieces to […]

Handmade Nature Paintings on Paper

Paper painting has been long used as a medium by artists to depict beautiful scenes of nature and fascinating wildlife in exquisite detail. In the olden days, these subjects often got painted on leaves and fabric, but modernization has equipped the artisans to use paper as a medium to reflect their inner creativity. Paper has […]

The Traditional Vibe of Rajasthani Art

The word Pichwai translates to “stay behind” resonates true outwardly shining its essence. These paintings were placed behind as background to deities Krishna or Srinathji found in the temple of Srinathji situated in Nathwada in the state of Rajasthan. Nathwada is a significant place and has a tremendous spiritual value attached to it. The art […]

The Simplicity of Khadi

Khadi  the fabric is a national treasure of the nation. Its origins go back to the Swadeshi movement, and the white color has always symbolized purity. The khadi comprises of natural fibers which are hand woven using cotton. Some other variants also include silk and wool. The khadi carried great importance during the time of […]

The Appeal of Pithora Handicrafts

The Pithora art dates back to the cave paintings that are a thousand year old. The styles range changes within each Bhil group and hold tremendous social significance. Pithora art features seven horses which portray seven hills surrounding Rathwas region. It comes enclosed inside a rectangular boundary in this painting. The rectangle stretches to the […]