By Akhil Khanna

Tribal Festivals

Here is a list of festivals celebrated in different states by different groups of Indian tribes. KARNATAKA TRIBAL FESTIVAL – MADE SNANA This festival is celebrated by tribal people in Karnataka. It is conducted in the Subramanya temple for 3 days every year. They roll over the leftover food by brahmins as they believe that […]

By Akhil Khanna

Tribes India Women Jewellery

Tribal Jewelleries are funky when we describe them. They are artistic and exotic piece of ornaments worn by female. Bangles, toe rings, earrings, rings, lip rings and necklace are few of the tribal Jewelleries to get started with. “I have enough Jewelleries”, said no woman. Meaning the more you have the more you want. It’s […]

By pushpen

Aadi Mahotsav

Live streaming Aadi Mahotsav 2019 – A grand feast for the animated spirits. Event Date:16-30th Nov Venue: Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi Live streaming today from 6:30 PM Tribal handiworks have always fascinated the art lovers from all over the world. With Aadi Mahotsav, organised by TRIFED (Ministry Of Tribal Affairs) being held at Dilli […]

By Akhil Khanna

Products made by tribal people

Tribal people have their own culture and heritage. India has the second-largest tribal population in the world. The main income for the survival of these people are the handmade things. Tribal people make things that are of great use also give them aesthetic feels. Tribal people make daily use of things from clothing, accessories to […]

By Akhil Khanna

Home Decor Choices

Each of us wants to decorate our spaces at its best whether its home or office. Handicrafts provide us products made by artisans using their hands or simple tools. These have wide variety of creative things to decorate your place. These designs can easily catch everyone’s eyes. They have a touch of rural craft in […]

By Akhil Khanna

India – Exporter of Handicrafts

India has its roots in culture and diversified nature. You get everything related to the ancients along with a story behind it. The charisma of the country lays its foundation on cultural heritage. The history of the country is so much diversified it has a classification of every art form, ruler, traders, and whatnot. Earlier […]