Cane & Bamboo Products

As we all know that excessive use of wooden products can harm our eco system. There is one beautiful and strong supplement of wood which is cane and bamboo. These two are ecofriendly, light weighted, and strong. These have more life than wood, low maintenance, and easily portable. They have unique and elegant styles which are liked by everyone. These two are used to make different items for daily use and for decoration. Popular things we can see in the market are:-











And many more.

Although India is famous for its handiwork but the state of west Bengal is pretty much good in their bamboo and cane craft.

Bamboo and cane craft is further classifieds by the state where the work has been done. Each state has its own special talent of creating the products.

Cane and bamboo of NORTHEASTINDIA– artisans of northeast India mostly make trays, unique furniture, decorative lamps, fans, baskets, hand bags, lamp shades and jewellery.

Cane and bamboo crafts of ASSAM– people here are expert in making bamboo products such as bamboo baskets, bamboo houses, bamboo mats, bamboo hats, toys and dolls and musical instruments.

Cane and bamboo crafts of ARUNACHAL PRADESH– The artisans here are skilled to make simple utility items such as houses, bridges, smoking pipes, trays, knives, baskets, barrels, etc.

Cane and bamboo crafts of MEGHALAYA– bamboo and cane trees are found in abundant in this state. Khoks, artistic baskets, stools, kurup and khasi umbrella are made on daily basis.

Cane and bamboo crafts of MIZORAM– this state have plenty of raw materials for bamboo products. The artisans here have wide variety of baskets with different shape and sizes.

Cane and bamboo crafts of MANIPUR– this state is ranked at second position in the production of bamboo products. The major production includes bamboo houses, fencing, baskets, trays, flowers vases, fishing traps etc.

Cane and bamboo crafts of TRIPURA– Tripura have a unique and exclusive design for weaving. The artisans make fish basket, rain shield, pencil holder, decorative fans, lamp shades, etc.

Cane and bamboo crafts of NAGALAND– the people here believe that the life in Nagaland begins on a bamboo cot and end in the bamboo coffin. Artisans of this state make beautiful tables, chairs, sofas, and cots.

Cane and bamboo crafts in SIKKIM- this state is famous for its showpieces, mats, baskets, furniture.

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