Dhokra Art


When mixed in the right proportion, this art form gives an antique look and augments well with various contemporary styles. A little different from its distant cousins of the east, it embodies a more primitive simplicity.

Some Dhokra ornaments are crafted by Bhottada section of the famous Gond tribes of Orissa, well known for their costumes and embellishment styles. Originally, seeds of different wild fruits in the forest were used as beads with cotton thread in their necklace and earrings which over the years have been substituted by beads made from brass by the heating and beating process. By and large, Bhottada women of affluent families having a special status in their community used this jewellery. In recent times, it symbolises a more utilitarian approach in a traditional framework.

Dhokra art form is also used to make home decorative. The video below explains the process of making dhokra crafts.

Tribes India is proud to be associated with these craftsmen and helping them preserve this ancient art form. Check our range of Dokra crafts under Metallic Saga and Jewellery section

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