Khadi- The Classic and Traditional Pride of India

Khadi the fabric is a national treasure of the nation. Its origins go back to the Swadeshi movement, and the white colour has always symbolized purity. The khadi comprises of natural fibres which are hand woven using cotton. Some other variants also include silk and wool. The khadi carried great importance during the time of independence and had become a source for self-reliance. The khadi brought individuality for the Indians and gave them the freedom to weave their garments and save money and resources instead of lavishly buying foreign clothing. Buy this beautiful piece of women khadi embroidery A-line kurta at Tribes India website.

The Unique Fashion Revolution

This cloth is deemed sacred and has helped shape the country’s economy as it employed people. Khadi has received significant recognition in the country and also enjoys a high status among the youth. The best example of it was of Gandhi Toppi, noted for its simplicity and purity. Some weaving errors have become a particular feature of the fabric. People appreciated it during the independence era, and it looked much better with every wash. The very word khadi used to symbolize the emotions of the nation, which was under slavery at that time. The durability of the fabric made it very economical and was an excellent investment. This pretty piece of women khadi embroidery A-line kurta is bound to attract your attention available at Tribes India website.

The khadi Now a days

This fabric has evolved over the decades, and now the quality has significantly improved with time. Today, khadi looks very crisp and stylish; different forms of embroidery on today’s range of khadi. The khadi steals the show with its simplistic looks. It exudes an aura of freshness and serenity. The khadi has become a fashion statement among the youth of the nation, not to mention its fan base comprises of all ages. It has become an exclusive part of its history. Grab your favourite piece of women khadi kurta available at the website of Tribes India.

About Tribes India

Tribes India is an online store that prides themselves in showcasing the beauty of the tribes living in India. We help to promote the artistic skills that represent the diverse heritage of our nation. You can purchase this elegant Men’s khadi Nehru jacket natural at Tribes India website.

Tribes India gives you updates on a daily basis about the traditional art in the form of blogs and articles. The primary objective of Tribes India is to serve the multiple interests of its various members in more than one particular State for the economic and social betterment of its various members and provides you all the traditional products like JewelleryPaintingsCraftsClothing  for Men and Women and various Assortments.


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