“when  the weavers work  & shuttles fly,

         They gaze at their looms with a skilful eye,

       Between the heddles &  takeup roll,

         To the spool reeled with threads of gold”  


Vibrancy and humanness are woven into the spirits of  Maheshwar, a city in Khargone district of Madhya pradesh. Scorchingly hot in the summers and warm during the winters,this ancient town situated at the banks of river Narmada  tumbling over a rocky bed even finds mention in the Puranas as a place of great religious importance and another imperative reason that makes this town enchanting, are the handlooms that produce nine yards of hand-spun Maheshwari Sarees.

The looms of  Maheshwar  epitomizes the traditional skills of local artisans garnered through centuries & played an important role in the economic development of the region and, more importantly, for the households of spinners and weavers.

With fine cotton yarns in its weft and silk in the warp involving stripes & checks, One of the distinctive features of Maheshwari Sarees is its reversible border, locally known as Bugdi. The motifs are usually fine abstract representations of local elements like flowers, leaves, and the local architecture.

Lets explore the story of Hemalata Kharare,who along with her husband runs a small self help group that weaves  Maheshwari sarees. A cooperative that employs & equally splits the earned revenue with 18 other families in the village.

These magical behind the scenes are cornerstone of sustainable & evolutionary craftsmanship.  Help us in our endeavor to support & empower many more such Hemlata’s around the country.

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