Ashoka Pillar Showpiece figure, table DŽcor

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Patriotic national symbolAshok Pillar


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Tribes India offer a wide range of assorted gift items which are combination of age old craft tradition and modern design with utility in focus. The Tribal artisans have exemplary design skils. A showpiece which gives the feel of Indian Patrotism. Featuring a pastel coloured Asoka Pillar with four lions, made out of seasoned wood. Good to furnish your home or office. It has four asiatic lions standing back to back – symbolizing, power, courage, pride and confidence – mounted on a circular abacus. The Ashoka Pillar sends the message “”satyameva jayate”” (english: truth alone, triumphs). This is a quote from the mundaka upanishad of the hindu vedas. This Ashoka Pillar carved in wood is thus a unique novelty item. Place it on your workdesk.Please Note:- Althrough , artisan do take care to maintain pattern and colour scheme however, beings this is a handmade product therefore , to create identical products a little variation could be seen. These are unique & original Products created by Indian Tribal artisans to earn their livelihood. Warm Tip :- Please be reminded that due to lighting effects, mointor’s brightness/ contrast setting etc, therecould be some differences in the colour tone of the website’s photo and the actual item.

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Size: 31 cm



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