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It is often said that to know the art form of a particular place, is to know the place itself. If that is true, then to look at Bhil Art, is to enter the house of the artists themselves; to experience firsthand, this intimate art form from Central India.


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Practised by the Bhil tribe of Madhya Pradesh, known as one of the world’s most ancient tribes, these paintings adorn the walls of their homes.  The Bhils are largely an agricultural community whose lives are centered around the land they work with. Bhil Art is instinctive and primordial, born out of an ancient connection with nature. Bhil art is also often ritualistic. Every painting is a story of the land told through the depictions of people, the animals, the insects.

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  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Multi-Coloured
  • Length: 93 CM
  • Width: 93 CM
  • Shipping: Free shipping within India



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