Bhil Canvas Painting

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Bhil paintings usually consist of large, un-lifelike shapes of everyday characters filled in with earthy, yet bright colours, and then covered with an overlay of uniform dots in several patterns and colours that stand out strikingly against the background. Bhil Art is instinctive and primordial, born out of an ancient connection with nature. What makes the art extra special, is that it has travelled down generations, with most artists learning it from their mothers.


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Practised by the Bhil tribe of Madhya Pradesh, known as one of the world’s most ancient tribes, these paintings adorn the walls of their homes. They are created in order to ensure a good harvest and avert diseases.

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  • Material: Canvas
  • Color: Multi-Coloured
  • Length: 94 CM
  • Width: 63 CM
  • Shipping: Free shipping within India



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