Brass Candle Holder

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Each hand crafted product tells a saga of rich cultural heritage and legacy of primitive craft work through our vibrant craftsmen. This hand crafted candle holder is an ideal gift to give to your loved ones, also it would enhance the beauty of your home as a decorative piece and along with that it aids as a utility tool.


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Traditionally the Gadwa, Gond and Dhurwa tribes of Kondagaon in Bastar region of Chattisgarh have been practising the Dhokra art with lost wax technique or hollow casting. It involves patterning a clay core intricately with wax wires and then coating it carefully with a mix of clay and hay. The wax covered clay core is put in the cauldron of molten metal with an opening/hole in the clay mixture, where the wax is subsequently melted off, and the space thus created is filled with metal- an alloy of copper, brass and tin which enters through the hole. The outer layer of clay is then chipped off and the metal icon is polished and finished as desired.

Material Type: Brass Type: Brass Candle Holder Color: Golden Hang type:Stand Size: 13x13x28 cm


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