Darjeeling Tea (Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) – 125 G (West Bengal)

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West Bengal


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The Masala Tea is the quintessentially Masala Chai recrafted in the Chef’s kitchen. It promises an intensely refreshing tea time for those who like to their cup of a tea with a gourmet twist.Crafted for those who like their tea time to be truly stimulating, it features sharp notes, blended with West Bengal tea, for a cup that’s as intoxicating as it is aromatic.This tea offers a refreshing sensation and aftertaste that is characteristic of karipatta or curry leaves, a popular ingredient in South Indian cuisine. The delightful aroma of its leaves permeates through this special tea blend, making it a great buy that can be had anytime of the day – a powerful cup for that first tea of the day or a cup with sharp notes for later in the day to shake off stress and monotony. In fact, it makes for a delightful cup at both, home and work not just for tea lovers, but for those who seek a refreshing break between tasks.It’s also a great purchase for those who love to host tea parties and serve tea that makes for a great pairing with Indian snacks.

  • Package Content : 1 Piece Tea Square Caddy 125 Gms.(Yule Tea)



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