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Green Brass Necklace

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The products sold under brand “Tribes India” are hand crafted and sourced from different parts of India. Each products is derived from a rich cultural heritage, a legacy which has been carried on by the craftsmen who have crafted it for you.


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The art and craft of any region is a reflection of its environment, people and traditions. This statement is apt for Negi and Bodh tribes of Himachal Pradesh, which borrow elements from its scenic surroundings to create pahari jewellery, breathing a sense of vigour and sturdiness. While different communities wear jewellery unique to their traditions, some ornaments are common to all. These include neck ornaments like hansi or small pendants called toke and most cherished neck pieces called the coin necklace and thread necklace.

The designs are inspired from simple motifs taken from the nature and developed into exquisite patterns.






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