Multicoloured Cotton Saree

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The garments sold under brand Tribes India are hand woven and sourced from different parts of India. Each product is derived from a rich cultural heritage, a legacy that has been carried on by the weavers who have made it for you.

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Adding a new dimension to the art of block printing, Bagh prints have become the novel essential of a treasured wardrobe. The painstaking manual process of producing impeccable designs on multifarious fabrics exemplifies the concept of contemporizing traditions. Bagh, which lends its name to the Bagh Prints is a small tribal town in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.The Khatri community, who comprise the “chhipas” or printers came here about 400 years ago from larkana in Sind which is famous for its Ajrak prints. Bagh’s proximity to the river was an important reason for its choice as flowing river water is vital to the process of printing. The design repertoire of Baghprints covers geometrical and floral compositions and the blocks used for stamping are intricately carved. Bagh layouts are dramatic in the use of black and red alternately on a white background.




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