Off White Silk Block Print Saree

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The garments sold under brand Tribes India are hand woven and sourced from different parts of India. Each product is derived from a rich cultural heritage, a legacy that has been carried on by the weavers who have made it for you.


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The Santhal and Morthy tribes produce this special variety of silk, valued for its purity & texture. Thisactivity has a history of 400 years, when traditional cocoon rearing used to be a robust livelihood activity for tribals in entire Chhotanagpur plateau of erstwhile Bihar. But recent urbanization and technological advancement has spurred NGOs in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Maharashtra to form and organize tassar production groups into successful village level enterprises. The cloth production begins from drawing of yarn from the cocoon, spinning and reeling the same on the spindles. From the cloth, different products such as sarees, scarves, stoles, ties are made by tailoring and stitching. Different embroideries are also done for further fortification and value-addition of the products. The fine quality and the sheen of the fabric lends itself beautifully to printing and painting and is being increasingly used innovatively in possible art manifestations.





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