Painting Soara Tassar Silk

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With simple forms and figures that come together to compose intricate narratives in very few colours, this captivating art of the Sauras, narrates the story of the connection of man and nature.


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Practised by the Saura tribe of Orissa, known as one of the worldÍs most ancient tribes, this painting is symbolic in nature and expresses all the emotions and expectations and the rituals practiced by the tribe. The painting is created in order to ensure a good harvest, avert diseases and honour the valiant and the dead. What began as a prolonged procedure of invocation of the spirits to representing icons has gradually changed into modernized expression amalgamating early memories of cycle of ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Executed on cloth, the simple yet vivid depiction of the art form speaks the primeval yet universal language of the connection between man and nature.




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