Rajasthani Tribal Handmade Blue ” Horse ” Figured Metal Statue

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The Statue in this listing is a creative miniature art on a metal material and each piece is unique alias One of a Kind. Lovely creation bringing life to this art through best use of colours and brush, they bring life to the Statue they make and when these Statue get place in your home or office, it gets its real place it admirer’s heart and also gains a lot of kudos from people who look at it.


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Indian artisans are known for their craftsmanship and fine art and within India Rajasthan is the state which ranks very high in terms of arts and crafts. There are artisans in Rajasthan whose art is adored by people worldwide.

Further product description is mentioned below:

Design : Handmade Blue Horse Statue

Material Type: Metal

Color: Blue

Type: Horse Statue

Hang type:Stand





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