Social Distancing

Effectuating the various research based prescriptions by the erudite medical professionals to fight the pandemic, COVID-19, we are all united to not just safeguard our own health interests but that of our fellow citizens too. While being socially distanced by observing a virtual laxman rekha right at the gates of our houses during the prevailing lockdown period, TRIFED, the marketing wing of Ministry of Tribal Affairs presents you an opportunity to go on an online tour of our nation right under your roof through Tribes India – a magnificent destination housing impeccable handcrafted masterpieces at just a single click

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Born out of the passion and the skills acquired by the tribal artisans after years of practice, the unique products at Tribes India promise a refreshing experience to a true art lover. While you remain indoors for a genuine cause, Tribes India invites you to explore a range of virgin tribal art and crafts. There you have –

  • Apparels that aptly decorate your personality for any and every occasion.
  • Accessories for that underlining effect on your individualistic and refined sense of fashion.
  • Vandhan Naturals the natural products handpicked by various tribes of India to give a tangible boost to your health and tickle your taste buds.
  • Home Decor items which showcase tribal artistic creations such as paintings and metal craft which resonate well with the connoisseurs as well as the commoners.

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