TRIFED Bhopal is the regional store for Madhya Pradesh, situated in the Capital City of Lakes. Trifed Bhopal brings to you the authentic tribal artisan products by the tribes located in central India. There are more than 40 recognised tribes in Madhya Pradesh: Gond, Sahariya, Kol, Bhil, Korku, Bhilala and Baiga to names a few. TRIFED Bhopal takes pride in the India ancient culture and diversity and is presenting the best artisanal tribal produce at this platform. There is no comparison in the skills and expertise of the tribal and their products, however Tribes of Madhya Pradesh are known for their astonishing art work and prints. 
Popular and Specialised Madhya Pradesh Produce and Heritage: Chanderi and Maheshwari and Bagh.

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