By Ayushi Tomar


       THE ART OF WEAVING KAPDAGANDA SHAWLS This is a story of self sustaining tribes living in harmony with  rich forests  surrounding the hillside, where  summer monsoon rain turns streams  into rivers & mountains are worshipped as gods, these are Niyamgiri hills homed one of India’s  most remote tribes in orissa” – The […]

By Akhil Khanna

Making of the Dokra Art and Various Home Decor Products

Dokra art, which is also called Dhokra, is a prehistoric method of production of artefacts of metal by a method of wax-casting. An art that is approximately about 4000-5000 years old, its initial known artefact of lost wax is the figure of a dancing girl of Mohenjo-Daro. The name generally comes from the tribes of […]

By Akhil Khanna

The Artistic Shine of Tribal Metal Handicrafts

The tribal people have been a significant part of our country and have contributed cultural and traditional exchanges to add to an already diverse heritage of the nation. Their very lifestyle reflects their thought process and shows the modern urbanized world with ways to live peacefully with nature. The tribal people have been known to […]