The tribal intrigue of Saura paintings

The Saura painting is another tribal form that has received great recognition from our country’s urban population, though the history of its origins is not known exactly though there are mentions of Saura paintings in the epic of Ramayana. They were adorned with certain decorations and were treated as precious by the Odissa people. These paintings used to be hung on their walls which comprised of mud, the walls also were painted portraying the tribe’s everyday joy and happiness, the creativity of the tribal people is clearly evident in these intricate drawings and paintings they have produced. If you like these art forms then grab a beautiful painting soaratassar silk from TribesIndia website.

They incorporate the use of geometry creating triangles, there are other specific patterns used as a design in their works, and the pigments they have used were extracted from nature. Their paintings hold a lot of religious sentiments and values, their themes mostly circulate around their deity whose name is Idital, and they offer these paintings to the deities as a token of gratitude. They are very closely linked the nature, they offer their prayers regularly for assistance and spiritual growth. These paintings use a fish-net model. The border is made followed with motifs closing inwards. If you are interested in the saura art then select a beautiful painting soaratassar silk from the collection on TribesIndia website

The paintings are often compared to Warli though the female and male figures are not easily distinguishable in their works. Other themes include the birth of a newborn baby, a satisfying harvest session and marriages that mark a special phase in an individual’s life. The sketches and scribbles are done on the wall; the routine life is heavily depicted in their art. Though it is a guess that most of the people have quit the tribe and the younger individuals are not that interested in this tribal art, there is a risk of extinction of the Saura art, if not preserved.

Though they have suffered greatly due to commercialization, their artisan value has diminished as the middlemen have taken the credit away from them, the urban world does not know the artisans personally and despite the fame of the art, their livelihood suffers a bit. If you enjoy this art, then buy your favorite piece of Soura paintings in tassar silk from TribesIndia website.

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