Tribes India Paintings

Art of India is rich in heritage and culture. It is the one stop shop for handiworks. People here know the art since archaic era. One of the art works includes folk and tribal paintings which stood the time test.  As we all know that paintings occupy a major percentage in Indian handicrafts and even contribute in exports. Tribal art of India is ethnic yet simple with full of vibrant colours and beautiful designs. Some of the famous paintings from our culture are:-

MADHUBANI PAINTING– Also refers as Mithla painting it is popular in Nepal and Bihar. These paintings revolve around nature, Hindu religious motifs. Artisans use colourful and bright earthy colours in this painting.

PATTACHITRA PAINTINGPattachitra is oldest art form of Odisha. This painting is known for its rich colours, attractive designs and beautiful motifs. Prime colours used in the above are red, yellow indigo black and white.

MYSORE PAINTING-Originated from Vijayanagar Empire this painting is famous for its elegance muted colours and details. This is important art form of south India.

TANJORE PAINTING– Derived from Maratha court of Thanjavur. This painting is also known as Thanjavur painting. Artisans use vivid and rich colours, gold glittering foils, gesso work, glass beads and stones on canvas.

CHERIYAL SCROLL PAINGTING– In form of scroll this painting depicts stories from India mythology and folk traditions. It is usually painted in bright colours and vivid hues by artisans.

GOND PAINTING– This is one of the most practiced paintings by tribes in India. Made from poster colours on canvas Gond paintings are now much vibrant than the traditional ones.

WARLI PAINTING– In this painting set of geometrical shapes is used. Made by rudimentary technique. This is made on special occasions like weddings and harvesting.

PAHARI PAINTING– This painting is done in miniature form. The colours in this painting are less intense and the landscape reflects naturally. The lines drawn are more delicate and elegant.

KALIGHAT PAINTING– This paintings depicts scenes of daily life of modern artist. It has simple drawings and paintings. Artisans create new form of art from which give birth to kalighat painting.

KALAMKARI PAINTING– It is one of the blocks printed or hand painted prints.  Also known as pen art form. It is major source of income for artisans in Andhra Pradesh.

RAJPUT PAINTING– Popularly known as Rajasthani painting this beautiful painting wins thousands of heart in the modern era. It has unique and vivid designs and style.

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