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Tribes India Women Jewellery

Tribal Jewelleries are funky when we describe them. They are artistic and exotic piece of ornaments worn by female. Bangles, toe rings, earrings, rings, lip rings and necklace are few of the tribal Jewelleries to get started with.

“I have enough Jewelleries”, said no woman. Meaning the more you have the more you want. It’s like the never ending love because tribal Jewelleries come in all size and shapes.

India has been endowed by the rich tribal culture which despite modernisation had kept its unique value and traditions intact.

The funky Jewelleries depict the personality of the wearer as well.

Depicting a customarily idealised appearance, the ornaments give a brief about the cultural background of the tribe.

Indian women are fond of jewellery. Be it artificial, diamond, gold, silver or platinum. The tribal Jewelleries are different as they can give you both a bold and a subtle look. Wear a heavy tribal silver necklace along with a khadi saree, the entire look will give a vibe.

Students these days prefer silver tribal earrings, bangles on ethnic wears like kurti which makes the entire look chic as well as feminine.

A smart outfit can be carried along with a light weight tribal neck piece on a formal wear.

Even in the old times there were Jewelleries to prettify different body parts. The Mohenjo-Daro era and Indus Valley civilization enhance the different body parts.

Some tribal Jewellery is trickled down from generation to generation engraving stories in it. Tribal jewellery integrates humble natural materials like leaves, berries, feathers, leather, claws, flowers, and much more into majestic pieces of art that are wearable. Demographics of the region, availability of resources and proposed functionality are some of the factors that make tribal jewellery of one group differ from the other.

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