Venkatagiri Saree: The Traditional Gem In Ethnic Fabrics

Venkatagiri Saree: The Traditional Gem In Ethnic Fabrics

Venkatagiri Saree ring a bell in every Saree loving woman’s ears. Well appreciated for the finesse and workmanship these Saree are multi-hit in different parts of the country. They also have received international exposure which makes it a global product. These Sarees comprise of silk or cotton and feature a variety of beautiful prints that include beautiful flowers and colourful wildlife. The leaves have a subtle texture to them and a smooth touch. The weavers work hard to provide these excellent pieces of artistry which adorn the women of this country. Motifs used in these Sarees look very pretty and there are many variants available for different occasions. Buy this lovely piece of Multi-coloured women’s silk Venkatagiri ikkat Saree available at the website of Tribes India.

Each Saree is a unique product and carries a touch of the authentic caress of the artisan which cannot be compared to another piece. Each of them slightly varies from the other. The Venkatagiri Saree form an integral part of the Indian ethnic style of fabrics. The Zari borders come in different widths and have attractive designer pallus that are second to none.

The production phases

The beautiful ornamented pieces you see undergo numerous phases of designing and assembling before being finally rendered and presented to you. It uses a variety of fabrics ranging from silk to linen and cotton blends, the tinting of the yarn is a complex process, the conversion of yarn to threads via spinning is intriguing to watch as threads that result are of equivalent thickness. The stunning embroidery never goes unnoticed and it makes these pieces absolutely spectacular to own. The patch borders add enough variety to make it look interesting. This gorgeous blue coloured Venkatagiri ikkat Saree will easily become your favorite, grab it the website of Tribes India.

The figure work is astounding the details are praiseworthy of the efforts that go in the making of this masterpiece. These Sarees show the abilities of these artisans and they deserve every bit of accolade they receive for these marvels. The embellishments along with the spot patterns look splendid; these Sarees are bound to turn heads. You can purchase this beautiful multi-colored silk Venkatagiri ikkat border Saree for a special occasion available at the website of Tribes India.

The variants include jamdani Zari Saree which has prints with a zari border. The Silk Saree features lovely motifs that have mangoes and birds as themes, these pieces are ideal for festive occasions such as weddings and parties. Despite the amazing texture and vibrance, it is not expensive. These Sarees were once a symbol of royalty and today have found exposure among the general crowd. They remain the hallmark in ethnic fashion and symbolize the excellence of traditional art.

About Tribes India

We are a government initiative that delights in showcasing the cultural diversity of this nation and the artistic skills of the tribal people living in this country. This multi-colored women’s silk Venkatagiri check Saree is going to attract attention due to its unique looks. You can own this at Tribes India’s website.

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