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Products made by tribal people

Tribal people have their own culture and heritage. India has the second-largest tribal population in the world. The main income for the survival of these people are the handmade things. Tribal people make things that are of great use also give them aesthetic feels.

Tribal people make daily use of things from clothing, accessories to food items. Home decor, painting, jewelry, dokra crafts, sarees, cane, bamboo items, etc ate some of the products in regular usage created by the Tribal people.

The products made by these people are sold through government websites or are sold directly in the market place.

These days people are considering tribal and natural products over synthetic and artificial products. The artistic work and prints of every tribe are different. Bandani print from Gujarat has its significance whereas Madhubani print and paintings got their own. We cannot compare art. We can only praise them. Every state along with its tribal population has their products which have their place in the market.

Selling on Tribes India website is going to benefit the tribe because the selling would be on a large scale. With everything gradually getting online, the government is taking the initiative to make every part of the country ideal for the future.

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